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Professional Numismatists since 1995 , we are serving our customers who wish :

Sell ​​gold coins in the best conditions :

We are able to make an offer to the best course for all your coins and bullion .

Gold coins

Make estimate their collection of coins

Our extensive knowledge of ancient coins market after 20 years of experience , enables us to evaluate your collection of coins with the utmost care.

In addition, our fraternal relations with some of the largest auction houses specialized auction , including Germany , France and the USA , and our presence in the major European coin fairs (Munich , Frankfurt, Paris etc ... ) will allow us to offer a solution to sell your collection.

Coins collection

Buy gold & silver to diversify their heritage

We distribute the products of major emissions Institutes ( US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint , Perth Mint of Australia, Chinese Mint, Austrian Mint, etc ...), and gold and silver bullion of the main founders LBMA (Heraeus , Umicore , C- Hafner, etc ...).

Gold & Silver

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